AM Srl is located in Milan and was founded from Andrea Monteverdi’s passion for knitwear which dates back to the early eighties, from the family knitwear factory founded in 1968 by his father Dario.

AM’s products, ranging from cashmere clothing of the highest quality to more technical sportswear items, are intended for a continuously evolving global market. For this reason, considerable resources are devoted to studying experimental techniques, seeking new fibres in order to achieve unique products, in line with stylistic developments.

The company is divided into two divisions: the first deals with distributing its own MONTEVERDI brand to multi brand stores around the world, while the second focuses on creating and producing knitwear for major brands in the fashion industry. The various stages of production, from design (virtual processing prior to producing the prototype) to creating the finished garment, by means of weaving and packaging, are all carried out within the company.

AM’s strong point is that it is divided into two departments which deal respectively with the production of knitwear and with the production of jerseys and fabrics for creating jackets, polo necks and hand spun items of various kinds.

Our philosophy is to be the guardians of the true MADE IN ITALY brand: we want to assure our customers, be they companies or traders, that the products they buy are made entirely by us, using high quality materials.